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World Records

Established  07/06/2023 - 07/09/2023

Maine to KW Time By Boat:              76:53:40

NYC to Miami By Outboard Boat:    35:44:33 

Maine to NYC By Boat:                      05:34:12

NYC to Hatteras By Boat:                  05:44:09

Vessel Used:  2023 MTI 440X Open Cockpit w Mercury Racing 500Rs

Driver: Mike Howe of Howe2Live

Navigator: Sarah Howe of Howe2Live

Total Moving Time Maine to Key West - 25:05:12hrs

Average Moving Speed (minus all stops/refuelings): 70.48mph

Top Speed: 104mph 

Average Fair Seas Speed: 90mph

Average Rough Seas Speed: 65mph

Average Fuel Economy:  1.65gpm

Total Distance Traveled: 1,768.01miles

Sea State Experienced:  1-5 foot seas

Wind Experienced: 0-25knots winds

Weather Endured: calm clear - windy clear - torrential downpour windy - zero visibility fog - limited visibility hazy fog

Please Note: All Howe2Live world records are supported by dual "separate" device real-time data logged GPS KML files.  For a copy of the verified KLM time stamped data please email

Howe2Live World Record NYC to Miami Map Proof.jpg

68347 Time-Stamped GPS Points

Howe2Live World Record NYC Start.jpg

NYC Start 03:07:46am 7/8/23 GPS Point 35

Howe2Live World Record Miami Finish.jpg

Miami Finish 02:52:23pm 7/9/23 GPS Point 67124

Please Note: All GPS time stamps are UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time and 4 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. 

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