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"Your videos have inspired me to do more in life!" YouTube 

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"Most genuine channel on the internet!" YouTube 

"Personally my favourite channel on youtube" YouTube 

"I can't get enough of Howe 2 Live!" YouTube 



Howe2Live is an adventure brand that focuses on living every day as if it were your last.  Adventure couple, Mike and Sarah Howe are both down to earth, fun loving adventurers from modest beginnings who seek to prove a happy life is most often dependent on attitude rather than riches.  Howe2Live is not actually about fast boats. When you dig deeper you'll find it's about love, friendship and the pursuit of happiness; all of which are truly free with the right mindset and in the right country. Follow Mike and Sarah through their trials and tribulations as they film unique ways to celebrate life and prove the American dream is still alive!

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"Your content, format, and enthusiasm are top notch" YouTube 

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"I have watched all your videos and never lost interest" YouTube 

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"Great videos, great channel, you two really do know H2L!." YouTube 

"One of the best you tube channels! Thank you for the great content !" YouTube 

"Always a freak'n treat when a new vid comes out. Love you 2!" YouTube 

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